Carols in Trafalgar Square

Over forty members of Lewisham Choral Society took the prime slot in the carol singing in Trafalgar Square on December 23rd, thanks again to the indefatigable organising skills of Penny Champion (LCS, altos). Directed by Andrew Storey and joined by colleagues from Hackney Singers, the choir entertained an appreciative audience, which filled the stalls (the flight of steps up to the National Gallery) and spilled into the square, for just over an hour.

We were delighted to be given the very last and therefore the ‘prime slot’, finishing the evening with a rousing finale. Choir members certainly enjoyed the occasion – as Jack Jones (LCS tenors) commented ‘The opportunity to sing in such an iconic venue is not one to be overlooked’. Nor was the opportunity to repair to one of the many iconic watering holes in the vicinity overlooked either….
Fundraisers for St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney were busy collecting during the carols and the performance raised £750.

[Image: Ruth Howell]

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