In Memory of Miriam: In My Way by Kate Whitley

LCS are very excited to be premiering a work we have commissioned to celebrate the life of choir member Miriam McLeod. Miriam sang with us for many years until her death in 2015, aged 82.

In My Way has been composed by Kate Whitley and will be performed for the first time at our Christmas concert on Saturday the 21st of December.

Miriam was a passionate peace campaigner, first becoming involved in the anti-nuclear Aldermaston protests in the 1950s and 1960s. Later, in the 1980s, she joined the Greenham Common peace camp with her daughter Rachel, where they were both arrested. In My Way is inspired by the stirring speech Miriam was prevented from making at Newbury Magistrates’ Court after her arrest.

Kate wanted “to commemorate Miriam and the inspirational approach she took to living, and in standing up for what you believe in. I looked through Miriam’s speech to Newbury Magistrates Court, as well as interviews she had given, and selected phrases that struck her as best capturing what she stood for. From this, I created a short poem that became In My Way.”

“The piece is in three sections, and the opening and closing sections are to be sung freely by individual members of the choir, leaving them to find their own journey through the music in a way that I hope reflects Miriam’s independent spirit!”

We are beginning rehearsals for Christmas and In My Way this evening, and everyone is looking forward to singing for Miriam.

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