LCS Goes Post-Punk with The Membranes

Earlier this year, LCS Soprano Viv Cosby was chatting to her guitarist friend Nick Brown about his post-punk band The Membranes. The band was intending to put on a London gig but needed to find a choir to perform with as they had done previously with Estonian choir Sireen. Viv suggested LCS might be interested, and to her delight fifteen of the choir took a leap into punk with conductor Kelly Lovelady.

Kelly based LCS’ performance on John Tavener’s Song For Athene, and broke the piece into chunks before interspersing them throughout The Membranes’ set list. With only a few short rehearsals, LCS took to the stage with Kelly and the band at The Lexington near Angel tube station on June 3rd.

The performance was a great success and involved a good deal of improvisation plus excellent banshee howling from Soprano Emma Cater Thorp. 🙂

If anyone has a video of the gig do email us!

Thanks very much to The Membranes and to Viv for inviting us to perform punk, and Viv would like all to know that “sound engineer Dave Ross did an amazing job, and [that] the response from the audience was fantastic. The whole night was a lot of fun.”

Reviews from the gig:

The Membranes would like to thank the fantastic audience for last night’s sell out concert in London. And also [to LCS] for their fantastic voices. It was pretty cool to do a gig and be described as ‘sublime’!”

“The combination of punk music and melodic choir… proved to be almost a sensory overload. …The atmosphere was fantastic! To be there and feel the energy and be part of this unique show, which was nothing short of being a rock opera at its finest, was an absolute adrenaline rush.”

[Images: The Lexington, Chris Perdue, Unknown, Unknown]

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