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On July 10th, Nico de Villiers and James Orford will be playing the original two-piano version of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and in chatting to a friend about our performance, LCS soprano Penny Champion was told an anecdote straight from New York, New York. ‘Aunt Irene’ travelled to America Buy generic viagra in canada

Priligy medicine

Last October, our news item on Joseph Haydn and Jonathan Dove reminded readers that LCS members had participated in a production of Jonathan Dove’s Tobias & the Angel in 2006, and commercially recorded the work four years later. Now as we sing more of Jonathan’s music at our July 10th Oral medicine priligy

A London Tale of Ballads & Broadsides

James Lark’s Broadside Ballads, as premiered by The Bromley Boy Singers in the City of London last year – and to be performed at our concert on July 10th – speaks of topics of today, but ballads and broadsides themselves have their own long and ancient history. Ballads were originally narrative More →

A Report from Berlin!

Around 55 LCS singers, together with a group of choir supporters, travelled to Berlin in mid-April as part of Lewisham’s long-standing twinning relationship with Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Following our first joint concert with Johannischer Chor Berlin in Lewisham in 2016, we were keen to re-join them and to strengthen the musical and More →

Annie Rimmer: ‘When David Heard’

Now the weather has finally warmed up, LCS are looking ahead to our summer concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall on Tuesday the 10th of July. Our theme is Transatlantic Rhapsodies and we feature music from British composer Jonathan Dove and American composer Eric Whitacre, as well as works by James More →

Blankensee Summer Music Festival in Berlin

In October 2016, LCS welcomed their German twin Johannischer Chor Berlin to Lewisham as part of their choir tour of England and Wales. After an excellent rehearsal and an afternoon tea full of cake, sandwiches and scones (navigate left to see more photos), we welcomed audience members to our rehearsal More →

Elgar, Gerontius and LCS… Part 2!

Hot on the heels of our Gerontius story on Elgar and LCS tenor Kath Geraghty, is our piece on Elgar’s links with soprano Morwenna Orton and bass John Chisholm… read on to find out more! Kath’s grandfather Philip and Sir Edward already knew each other before the tour, having been More →

Elgar, Gerontius and LCS… Part 1!

     “If it weren’t for Gerontius, I wouldn’t be here.” These startling words by LCS tenor Kath Geraghty begin a remarkable story of historical and family links between Kath, the composer Edward Elgar and his choral masterpiece The Dream of Gerontius, and on the 17th of March, Kath will be More →

Spring arrives with Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius

Join LCS, The Bromley Boy Singers, Forest Philharmonic Orchestra, and three outstanding soloists for a performance of Edward Elgar’s 1900 masterpiece The Dream of Gerontius on Saturday the 17th March in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths. Elgar’s tale, composed to a poem by John Henry Newman, tells of of a More →

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