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The choirs acquitted themselves wonderfully well. Vigour, passion, contrasts; all were here. The solemnity of the litanies, the blazing C major paean of Praise to the Holiest and – hardest of all to bring off – The Demons chorus. In a word, it “worked”.

It was obvious that choir, soloists and orchestra, all under the most able baton of Dan Ludford-Thomas, love this great work and transmitted that affection to the audience.

Martin’s full review can be found here.

Martin Passande

Sounds Imperial with Haydn and Mozart, Goldsmiths – November 2017

The day after our wonderful Haydn and Mozart concert, Debbie and I were on a train to London when a lovely young woman sitting near us spoke up:

“You were in the choir last night at Goldsmiths weren’t you?”
“Yes! Were you there?”
“Yes, thank you so much. It was absolutely wonderful. I used to go to Goldsmiths and my parents were visiting so I treated them”
“What did they think?”
“They really enjoyed it and were hugely appreciative – it was really great, thank you so much.”
“What was your favourite piece?”
“Oh the Mozart! It was just great!”

If we keep this up fellow LCS singers won’t be able to go out without being mobbed by a grateful public!

Courtesy of Annie and Debbie, LCS sopranos

Bach B Minor Mass, Royal Festival Hall – March 2017

I’ve been to Lewisham Choral Society and Hackney Singers concerts before, including at the Royal Festival Hall two years ago. While that was good, this one was stunning. I am not a musician but I know this haunting and glorious Bach Mass is extremely demanding to learn and perform.

The combined choir sounded sublime, the soloists were perfect, and the orchestra surpassed all expectation. I loved how your conductor was intent throughout and then quietly triumphant at the end. He is nothing less than a genius. I am so glad the hall was packed – your latest concert was worthy of such a venue.

Thank you to every single one of you, it was an unforgettable evening.

Lisa Rodrigues

I’ve been to a few LCS performances now and have never been disappointed; the choice of works and the calibre of the singing, by choir and soloists alike, cannot be faulted. It is a particular pleasure for me to attend with my husband; he is not by nature a lover of classical music but he thoroughly enjoys the LCS events. The Bach was no exception; we both loved every minute. Well done, and really looking forward to the next one!

Sue Davnall

I very much enjoyed this concert and was impressed with all the performers. I also thought the programme was very informative and excellent value for £1!

Anne Treadaway

What a wonderful concert by Lewisham Choral Society and Hackney Singers – hundreds of singers raising the roof of the Royal Festival Hall in one of Bach’s greatest choral works. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Holly Skelton Ikon Arts

Great performance of Bach Mass by choirs, soloists and musicians You certainly did justice to the excellent venue. Hope all the participants enjoyed it as much as I did.

Jenny Heald

Schubert and Mozart, Goldsmiths – November 2016

I was stopped in the street today by a lovely woman, a complete stranger to me, who called me over to her car. She wanted to say what a lovely time she had at our concert the other Saturday. She thought it was wonderful and had really enjoyed it.

Normally I get stopped because people want to pet Lenny. Now I get stopped because I sing with LCS. How cool is that!

– Annie Rimmer, LCS Soprano

Concert goer

Entente Musicale, Holy Trinity, Sloane Square – July 2016

What an enterprising and different programme for this concert of French and English choral music. The quirky text of Britten’s brilliant Rejoice in the Lamb was matched by the exotic eccentricity of Boulanger’s Vieille prière bouddhique, but perhaps the best singing and playing of the evening came in Vierne’s surprisingly impressive Messe Solennelle where the glorious climaxes resounded around the walls of Holy Trinity Church. Full-throated singing from the well-trained choir backed up by dazzling accompaniment on two organs from Nico de Villiers and James Orford. Merveilleux!

Marc Wood

The Membranes, The Lexington – June 2016

The Membranes would like to thank the fantastic audience for last night’s sell out concert in London. And also [to LCS] for their fantastic voices. It was pretty cool to do a gig and be described as ‘sublime’!

The Membranes

The combination of punk music and melodic choir… proved to be almost a sensory overload. …The atmosphere was fantastic! To be there and feel the energy and be part of this unique show, which was nothing short of being a rock opera at its finest, was an absolute adrenaline rush.

Jim Templeton-Cross

Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Fairfield Halls – March 2016

Thank you for the invitation Peter, we both enjoyed this enormously. Such a huge choir makes a real impact and it was a very dramatic performance. I am full of admiration. It looks so much fun – makes me wish I could sing.

Peter Dawson's family

The choir sang as one which is something for such a large choir, and the words were clear. The soprano soloist, Elisabeth Meister, was outstanding. The performance was very good, orchestra included.

Mary and Beryl

Cherubini’s Requiem, Goldsmiths – November 2015

Hi all, thanks for the lovely evening. The performance was really terrific – all the tremendous effort that must have been involved in preparing paid off. Such a daunting and challenging piece but so wonderfully executed. For me it could have gone on for longer and I was roaring for an encore…………..!!!!! The programme notes were very good as well, and very helpful for me as I am ignorant in this area.


Orff’s Carmina Burana, Cadogan Hall – July 2015

Last night’s concert by Lewisham Choral Society was exhilarating! It was a brilliant evening – the choir, soloists and the ensemble were superb. It was a brilliant performance in absolute terms and LCS were at their very best.

Peter Stephens

Lewisham Choral Society, you were magnificent! What a storm of a performance of the Carmina Burana: it was thrilling in its intensity and passion and what a sound you made! Nerve tingling stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words as clearly as this before. Fabulous percussion and piano and soloists too! A remarkably exciting concert and has to be one of the best yet! Truly professional performance.

Annie Rimmer

Carmina Burana was really brought alive by excellent singing, clarity of diction and soloists who acted their roles!  Most enjoyable – as was the rest of a varied programme. LCS are really the biz! And their diction is so good – I could hear every word!

Wendy Saville, Hackney Singers

This was the first LCS concert I have been to, I thought the performance was really, really good. LCS were very professional and the sound they made in Cadogan Hall was brilliant. Well done LCS and the whole ensemble.

Jeanette Wilde

Let It Snow! Goldsmiths – December 2014

Really enjoyed Lewisham Choral Society’s lovely festive carols beneath the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square‬ tonight.

Brilliant carols from Harmony Sinfonia with Lewisham Choral Society at Brockley Market. ‬‬

Many thanks to Harmony Sinfonia and Lewisham Choral Society for providing fabulous carols earlier today at Brockley Market.

Fine Lewisham Choral Society carol concert: Darke’s Bleak Midwinter, Coventry Carol, Ben Parry’s Snow, and enthusiastic audience participation.

Impressive solos at carol concert by Lewisham Choral Society members Rebecca Vicary, Pierpaolo Finaldi and Lara Ruffle Coles, and by pianist Joshua Kelly.‬

A wonderful concert at Goldsmiths University with Lewisham Choral Society and Nico de Villiers‬ – Thanks for the opportunity to perform.‬

Josh Kelly, piano soloist
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